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Meet Sam

A South Georgia Story

Samuel L. Watson was born and raised on a farm just south of Moultrie. Like most kids that grow up planting crops and raising livestock, it becomes a part of you and runs deep in your blood because it is a place where you learn the life lessons of hard work, ingenuity, common sense, God and family. And when you get older, the farm not only becomes a place to make your living, but a way of life you want to protect. Farming is hard work, but it is an honest living.

That’s why when Sam graduated from Colquitt County High School, he started his college education at ABAC and finished at the University of Georgia with a degree in Agriculture Education. After graduating he came back home to the family farm where he married Emily, started a family and went into the business that he grew up doing: farming.

Sam and Emily were blessed with two daughters that they want to raise in the same way. But with Georgia’s population becoming more centered in urban areas, the influence that South Georgia once had is dwindling, and Sam is running to make sure we, as South Georgia citizens, have a seat at the table. He is running to protect our economy, which is based in agriculture, our heritage and to provide a better future for the next generations.

Sam and his wife Emily are very involved in the community. Sam sits on several local community boards and he is a local volunteer for the YMCA. They are also active members of the First Baptist Church in Moultrie.